"Ready or not, here I come" whispered Emmie as she slowly tiptoed through the dark house. After feeling the rush of trying to find someone she snapped, and the whisper became a scream. "You can run, but you can’t hide" she laughed as she grabbed a dull kitchen knife. As Emmie became more and more obsessed with finding her friend, the more violent she became. Horrified and scared for her life, Emmie's friend called the police. The phone call to the police is what eventually gave her away. As Emmie ran by the closest door, she saw the faint light coming through the bottom of the door. Emmie excitedly reached for the handle, but it was locked. She struggled with the door before giving up. As the door stopped moving, Emmie's friend breathed a sigh of relief. A few minutes passed in complete silence. Frozen in fear, Emmie's friend started to smell smoke. As she slowly looked under the door she saw that Emmie had lit the house of fire. The smoke started to fill the small closet, and in a desperate attempt to escape she unlocked the closet door and ran for the front door. As she ran through the black haze she could barely see the front door. She was inches away from escaping her nightmare, only to be overtaken by Emmie who stabbed her in the spine over and over again until her friend couldn't move. As the authorities arrived, the house was halfway gone and there was no sign of life. Police reports say they were only able to recover one body, leaving the prime suspect, Emmie, still roaming the dark nights.

Alec Hendra was a retired plumber and everyone's favorite maintenance man. He was charming and handsome which left many people wondering why he ended up in such a small town. After leaving his job as an industrial plumber, Alec wanted a slow-paced job so he could do what he wanted with his free time. He wanted to work in a small town where mainstream media was not shown because he was on the run from the police after murdering a man walking through the woods. He loved his job at the high school, it was perfect for finding his next victim and making it easy to kill them. One of his favorite perks of the maintenance job was that he had access to the maintenance hall, which contained a workroom, a storage closet, and a boiler room. His favorite of the three rooms was the boiler room, where he could take a quick smoke break and enjoy the heat of the pipes while plotting who to kill next. As he became more comfortable in his new environment, he began killing in the night. He would wait in the desert for someone to go late night trail walking or camping and then make his move. All the conversations would start the same, he'd ask for help before knocking them unconscious. After his victim was unable to fight back, he would take them back to the maintenance hall where he would tie them to the red hot pipes and watch them suffer. They would scream as loud as they wanted, but no one could hear them. Once the screams stopped, he would use the chemicals from the supply closet and dispose of the body. After several people disappeared, people began to question the new maintenance man and what his intentions were. After the town began to turn on him, he locked himself in the boiler room and has still not come out.

Alone and in the back of the class sat Dana Frantz. He was a weird man that no one ever really talked to. There was only one thing that everyone knew about him. That thing was that he hated his first name. When he was younger everyone would tease him for having a girl's name. The popular boy in school would always walk past him and mockingly say, "Dana is the ugliest girl in school, too bad she doesn’t have a personality either." Everyone would laugh and start to chant his name over and over again until he was forced to leave. One day Dana was done being bullied and brought a small wax statue that looked just like the popular boy. He carried it to every class until the boy himself walked up and said, "Ohhh, looks like Dana has a crush on me." Silent and with no emotion, Dana put the wax figure on the ground and held a match right to the fax until you could no longer make out who it was supposed to be. Dana left the figure on the ground as he walked out of the school. The next day, the popular boy was in the hospital after acid was thrown on his face and permanently disfigured the boy. No one could ever prove it was Dana, but no one wanted to either.

Living in the middle of nowhere with no electricity doesn't leave much to do. So Brennan Blythe and his brothers learned to help their father on the farm and would spend a majority of their time working. The Blythe family had a typical sized farm with lots of farmland and a decent amount of livestock. As the boys got older, they were able to take on more responsibility. Brennan being the oldest, he was the first one of the brothers that got to slaughter a pig. When the time came, he had no problem swinging down the axe and ending the pig's life. He tried to hide a smile as some of the warm blood splattered on his face. He had never felt like this before as he couldn't stop swinging the axe. He could have gone until there was nothing left, but his father had to stop him. As the months went by, he would always be the first to ask to kill any animal he was able to. After he hadn’t killed anything, he became restless. He started to sneak into the barn when everyone else was asleep and snap the necks of the chickens. His father was furious after he learned that Brennan had killed all of his chickens. He then told Brennan that he was no longer able to kill any livestock, and if he did there would be consequences. Furious, Brennan locked himself in his room and refused to come out. As night approached, Brennan paced anxiously needing to drain the life from something. He went to the barn to find his prey, but the big red doors were locked shut. He went back upstairs, looking through the halfway open door into his parents bedroom. Desperate to shed blood he went into the tool shed and grabbed the wood cutting axe. As we walked to the room, he could feel his heart racing and his smile growing. He raised the axe high above his head before swinging the blade into his father’s head. After the first blow, his father was too dazed and confused to know what was happening. After he finished with his father, he saw that his mother had begun to wake up. Before she could process what was happening, he struck. He dragged his father down to the pig pen where he used a chainsaw to cut his body into little pieces. With each piece he cut, he threw it into the slop bucket and mixed it with the pig's normal oats. He found the key and unlocked the barn door, letting all the pigs to come and eat. When he called the police in the morning, he claimed that his father killed his mother after she found out about his mistress and ran away with her. With no sign of his father, the police believed Brennan. While humans are his favorite, he can never say no to killing a pig either.