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If you want a truly haunting experience this halloween, come experience the urban legends of Bonnie Screams...... Bloody Mary.... House of Lizzy Borden.... 31 Freak Street.....

We are located in Red Rock Canyon, where travelers in the 1800's trecked the Spanish Trail towards the west coast. This was no easy journey, many of these people died from the desert's unforgiving climate. Now, those lost along the way still roam the ranch! These spirits still have something to say and " reach out " when you least expect it. This journey is not for the faint of heart, as each victim will descend through three new, forbidding haunts that wind throughout the darkened town.



Though there have been several events of kidnappings and trauma, there have still been no witnesses found who are able to describe the facial features of this man. Leaving many in a state of a panic, this man continues to stalk his innocent prey in the night, and abduct the helpless. The only known description is his unusually thin frame, and height that is said to tower over the average person. As he approaches his victims, his long body casts a shadow over his human prey which blocks out all outsider vision, as he engulfs them in his distinct black suit before whisking them away. No one knows the hours when he will strike, or when, but there have been an unusually large number of missing persons reports near the Bonnie Screams area on the outskirts of Las Vegas. It is said that many have disappeared after the appearance of the Slender Man. Where they are taken now one knows, but they are never seen again. Most are presumed dead, or thought to be living in virtual blackness and despair amongst other abductees.


Is it safe to have a house full of mirrors at every turn? Perhaps if the legends of Bloody Mary were found to be untrue, but they are very real indeed. After being burned alive, this ancient spirit cast a curse upon all those who dare call her name three times in front of a mirror. Once this action is done, she seeks revenge as she descends upon the callers, tearing their bodies to shreds and ripping out their souls for her own. Mary then keeps the souls locked away with her in the mirror, where they can never be retrieved. This Halloween, it is said that her name need not even be uttered for her to appear, as her vengefulness is rampant, and she desires to capture as many unsuspecting souls that wander past any mirror she hides behind. With stories circulating that people have been disappearing in the Red Rock area homes and bathrooms, mirrors are being taken down, or turned around, to avoid becoming her victim. Yet, there is one house at Bonnie Screams that still hangs mirrors, and it is said she is lurking there...waiting.


It is said that cursed souls can wander aimlessly after they die, spanning thousands of miles trying to find a place to rest...or perhaps a place to continue their acts of terror. So it is said of Lizzy Borden, the suspected axe murderer of the 1800s. Said to be behind one of the most diabolical crimes of her century, the scene was more than most can stomach. On a quiet afternoon, a woman in her home was bludgeoned to death by a sharp object, before she lay dead for over an hour. Next, her husband who slept downstairs also suffered the same fate as he lay asleep in his chair. Neither saw the killer coming, as they were enjoying a calm afternoon at home. Yet, following these slayings, no house in this town was ever quite the same, and the danger has started to spread nationwide over the years. Many say the spirit of Lizzy has come out to unleash more household havoc, and carry out more heinous crimes. So, beware of wandering through any haunted houses...especially this Halloween. One never knows where she may be.




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