Bonnie Screams celebrates Halloween weekend with Three Squares of Las Vegas!

Friday, October 31st HALLOWEEN & Saturday, November 1st DAY OF THE DEAD

Bring a canned food or non-perishable food item and receive $2.00 off your admission (limit one can per ticket).

All food donated, benefits Three Squares of Las Vegas.


We are located in Red Rock Canyon, where travelers in the 1800's trecked the Spanish Trail towards the west coast. This was no easy journey, many of these people died from the desert's unforgiving climate. Now, those lost along the way still roam the ranch! These spirits still have something to say and " reach out " when you least expect it. This journey is not for the faint of heart, as each victim will descend through three new, forbidding haunts that wind throughout the darkened town.



Sometimes it’s the people we’d never expect…
How many of you have made the mistake of trusting an insincere smile and dishonest handshake? There once was a man amongst us who was able to gain the trust of several unsuspecting victims with his sly grin and rehearsed greeting; that is, until one day he turned. Before long his true colors were revealed, but by the time everyone realized the danger, it was too late. His victims all received the same fate, death by lethal injection. Cast away into an insane asylum, he has now taken over the inside and made it his own personal killing haven. Brainwashing the workers and other patients, he has them lurking behind closed doors, waiting. They wait for those who dare enter into this psych ward, eager to trap them and seal their fate. There is no sanity here, as their only purpose is to slay more victims. In a seemingly calm place, madness abounds, and only one has made it out alive to tell her story. Enter only if you dare.


Painted faces hide the wickedness of these lost souls. Condemned to live behind their bright uniforms and red noses, these clowns are anything but jolly. Those that have truly looked into their eyes have seen the evil that exists deep within. It is advised to never enter the buildings where they lurk, as these clowns come together to manifest the ultimate Circus of Chaos. There have been several accounts of deafening screams that pierce the air as soon as anyone dares to enter. No one knows what the fate of the naive wanderers has been because no one has ever made it out. This Halloween, be on guard as you wander into Bonnie Screams, where it is said they have set up their latest act. Don’t wander alone around dark corners for it is there they wait. We advise all patrons to stay far away from this circus as bad things have been known to happen.


In the midst of darkened roads, large looming trees, and blackened shadows are the savages living on the outskirts of town. For those that wander away from the crowds, they may stumble upon the Backwoods Massacre. Here lawlessness abounds amongst the craziest of men, who run around with shot guns, leaving people in a pool of blood and terror. Hidden behind haunting pig faces to disguise their true identity, these men are soulless. As chainsaws riffle through the air, be sure to not turn the wrong way, or else you may fall into the traps set throughout these woods. There is no mercy for those caught in their path of destruction. Run if you see them coming, and whatever you do, don’t venture out alone for you never know who is waiting in the shadows. Beware, the most sinister danger often lies far away from the city lights.


Several years ago, an innocent man was marked for death by a town of crazed lunatics. Frantic to escape, he dressed himself as one of the scarecrows he found set up in the nearby forest. Desperate for safety, he stayed there for three days before being captured. Once caught, the townspeople tied him up in the center of town, and burned him alive on their stake. Their cheers were soon drowned out, though, as disturbing events soon started taking place amongst them. People started disappearing, and their bodies would turn up a short time later in the nearby forest. It was soon realized the spirit of the innocent man was back for revenge. Still dressed in the scarecrow outfit, he continues to seek justice, and anyone found near the forest area never makes it out alive. If you venture into the Haunted Forest, watch out for scarecrows…they may not be what they seem.



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